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What does RUDN stand for?

RUDN stands for Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University).

Where is RUDN University located?

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia is located in Moscow and is ranked first among Russian higher educational institutions in terms of internationalisation, as recorded by the Reuter Agency.

What is RUDN University famous for?

RUDN is first and foremost famous for its international cooperation which is an integral part of the university’s activity and a key instrument in ensuring high-quality education complying with the international standards. As of today, 30% of the total number of international students studying in Russia are RUDN students coming from 150 countries from around the globe. In total, the university is currently Alma Mater to about 27 thousand students representing over 450 of the world's nations. Today, university graduates are successfully building their careers in 190 countries.

Who are RUDN University lecturers?

The university employs over 5 thousand staff members, including over 2 thousand top-qualified professors and lecturers, 15 full and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 32 Honorary Scientists of Russia, and 11 Honorary Members of Russian Higher Education.

What organisations does RUDN University collaborate with?

RUDN University offers majors in the framework of all levels of training with more than 250 cooperation agreements entered into with foreign universities (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, etc.), as well as research and educational centres. The university is a member of the BRICS Network University and a leading university of the Consortium of Higher Educational Institutions implementing 'International Human Rights Protection' MA programme supported by the Office of the United National High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Does RUDN University cooperate with any high-profile personas?

Every year, RUDN University welcomes guests including royal persona, presidents, prime ministers, prominent politicians, and public activists.

Which RUDN University department came up with the initiative to launch TLC?

TLC is an initiative of one of RUDN University departments – the Dpt of Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Economics. The department is run by a prominent Russian teacher and researcher Prof. Elena Malyuga and focuses on a number of topical research issues, such as LSP, specialised translation, applied linguistics, professional communication, etc. In order to promote research in these areas of study, the department hosts a number of international conferences, such as the International applied research conference 'Topical Issues of Linguistics and Linguodidactics of Business and Professional Communication in a Foreign Language'. The conference is a collaborative work of the department and Cambridge English Language Assessment, British Council, Cambridge University Press, American, Italian and Chinese Embassies in Moscow, the British Council, Cervantes Institute, Goethe Cultural Centre, German Academic Exchange Service, CampusFrance, Pearson Longman, McMillan, Heinemann publishing houses. Thus, TLC was intended as one more step towards promotion of research in the field of related topics and yet another opportunity to strengthen the university's international ties.

Where can I learn more about RUDN University?

You can learn more about RUDN University by visiting the University’s official website at eng.rudn.ru.

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