About us

What does TLC stand for?

TLC stands for Training Language and Culture.

What is TLC?

TLC is a peer-reviewed online journal that aims to promote and disseminate research spanning the spectrum of modern language, communication, and culture studies. The Journal is published through collaborative efforts of the International Language Association and Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

What does TLC focus on?

The articles presented in TLC provide a wide and diverse range of perspectives and challenging critical reflections on language and cultural training, as well as cultural awareness and international communication. The Journal also aims to cast an insightful look on the challenges connected with testing and assessment of language and cultural awareness.

Who makes up TLC Editorial Board?

The TLC Editorial Board is composed of prominent Russian and international scholars. This is a highly experienced and well-respected editorial team, who will ensure that all papers are thoroughly and fairly peer-reviewed.

Who can contribute research papers to TLC?

We welcome contributions from teachers and academic researchers able to offer an in-depth analysis of issues associated with language and linguistics, as well as the use of technology and media in language and cultural training. If your research attempts a critical appraisal of language and culture assessment procedures, offers an alternative perspective on the use of technology in language training, casts an insightful look on the well-established or non-conventional language theories, aims at promoting linguistic research, seeks to develop new ideas or challenge existing approaches to language and culture studies, we will be truly delighted to collaborate.

Is TLC an Open Access journal?

TLC provides open access to all of its publications.

Does TLC publish research into English exclusively?

While we are mainly committed to publishing research into English, we also welcome enquiries into other languages.

Can I submit my paper in any language?

TLC only accepts articles in English and does not provide translation services.

Does TLC publish research articles exclusively?

Apart from research papers, TLC is also commited to publishing quality reviews on books, textbooks, articles, and periodicals dealing with the relevant issues.

Can I contact a TLC representative for further inquiries?

You can contact us at info@tlcjournal.org. We will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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