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Review Spirituality and English language teaching: Religious explorations of teacher identity, pedagogy and context (a review)

A valuable addition to teacher training literature, Spirituality and English Language Teaching contains useful background and information for all language teachers, not just English teachers. But what is spirituality and what is religion and how do they apply to teaching and learning languages? Mary Shephard Wong answers the first question by comparing a variety of definitions and concludes that spirituality describes the concept transcendence of the self, ‘the eternal human yearning to be connected with something larger than our own ego’, and religion describes a set of practices and beliefs that seek to express spirituality. What has this got to do with teaching?

Barry Tomalin. Joint Managing Editor of Training Language and Culture and a board member of ICC. Regular reviewer for TLC and a specialist in international communication, cultures, soft power and media. Founder and facilitator of the ICC-recognised Business Cultural Trainers Certificate. Teaches at the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University and International House London. Author and co-author of a number of books on international business culture, including World Business Cultures – A Handbook and Cross-Cultural Communication: Theory and Practice.

Dominique Vouillemin. Teacher and teacher trainer at International House London, specialising in language learning and international communication and cultures. Tutor on the IH Business Cultural Trainers Certificate. Runs Cambridge University Cert IBET courses.

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