Art discourse revisited: Linguocultural specifics of childhood-related art tokens


The paper explores the linguistic representation of concepts behind the titles of paintings produced by British and American artists depicting childhood-related scenes and characters. Sociolinguistic and linguocultural factors of titling are analysed along with the pragmatic and cognitive effect of art tokens used by British and American artists. The study singles out seven conceptual segments incorporating a number of nuclear and peripheral art tokens, which are in turn represented by concept-specific lexical units referring to the theme of childhood. Quantitative and semantic analyses of research data are implemented to suggest reasons for the uneven distribution of conceptual segments in terms of their representation in painting titles.

KEYWORDS: art token, art discourse, concept, concept sphere, minitext, title

ANTONINA A. KHARKOVSKAYA. Professor in English Philology Dpt at Korolev Samara National Research University (Russia). Lectures on Stylistics, Business Communication, Discourse Analysis, Cognitive Linguistics 101, Pragmalinguistics, Educational Discourse, etc. Research interests cover English mini-format texts and communication strategies in various types of discourse. Has supervised 17 postgraduate students in their research work. Active member of editorial boards in several journals, including Russian Journal of Communication published in cooperation with the Russian Communication Association (RCA) and the North American Russian Communication Association (NARCA). Author of over 200 publications on the issues of Applied Linguistics.

LUDMILA V. KUZNETSOVA. CSc in Linguistics, Associate Professor in the Dpt of English Philology, Faculty of Philology and Journalism, Korolev Samara National Research University (Russia). Research interests cover discourse strategies and tactics, discourse analysis, lingo-cultural aspects of communication and mini- format texts.

VASILY S. MAKHUHA. MA in Linguistics, Senior Lecturer in the English Language Dpt, Institute of Social Sciences, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). Teaches courses in English, Business English and Socio-Political English. Research interests mainly cover Comparative Linguistics and Pragmalinguistics.

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