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In 2020, RUDN University was included in 5 subject and 2 industry ratings of the global QS rating, has shown rapid growth in Linguistics and Modern Languages (rising by 50 and 100 positions over the year, respectively), and for the first time entered the list to compete in the domains of Mathematics, Economics and Econometrics, and Chemistry. In industry rankings, RUDN University improved its positions in Arts and Humanities and entered the Top 500 list in Social Sciences and Management.

‘It is a great honour and a responsibility to receive this order. RUDN University has been training Colombian students from its very foundation. Since then, 663 Colombians have become university graduates. Today, 71 Colombian citizens are studying for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees at RUDN University. We are happy to maintain cooperation between our countries and train highly qualified specialists for the benefit of the future’, said Vladimir Filippov.

The Jose Acevedo and Gómez Order of Civil Merit is awarded to people and organisations that have been actively collaborating with the District of Columbia for at least 25 years.

The rating assesses social media communications and university-user networking performance. The highest ER is provided by native posts, i.e. real stories from real people, such as an interview with a post-graduate student from Italy Antonella Selvitella who studies foreign language teaching methodology and dreams of coming up with new approaches to learning Italian. RUDN University Facebook user coverage exceeds 12 mln people.

EUROLTA Certificate in English (online course, coming soon). This new course will start January 2020 and will be offered online. Teachers and practitioners of English, French, Greek and other languages can be certified through this training course, which will provide teachers with a wide range of knowledge and skills to empower students’ language learning.

EUROLTA Certificate in Greek (face-to-face and online course). This programme is intended for teachers of any foreign language and of Greek as a foreign language, and is offered in Greek. It inclu- des an extended 9-month Blended Learning pro- gramme offering 250 hours of total training, 6 face-to-face training days in 2 weekends (Fri-Sun), online training, 6 observation sessions, and 4 teaching sessions.

EUROLTA Diploma in Greek (face-to-face and online course). This programme is intended for teacher trainers, language school directors, and experienced teachers of any foreign language and of Greek as a foreign language, and is offered in Greek. It includes an extended 9-month Blended Learning programme offering 250 hours of total training, 6 face-to-face training days in 2 week- ends (Fri-Sun), online training, 10 observation sessions, and 4 teaching sessions.

EUROLTA Certificate on How to Teach Lan- guages Online. This course has been offered since 2014 in Greek and will be offered in English too in 2020.

For more information please contact Ifigenia Georgiadou at Details are also available online at

‘The quality of teaching is reflected in learners’ success. This is why we attach great importance to furthering teachers’ qualifications and supporting these courses financially. Our wide range of 20 languages at VHS Hanau shows that our success proves us right,’ said the Mayor.

‘In the context of EUROLTA qualification, course participants learn the basic qualifications in methodology and didactics through a modern multi- sensory training. This unique training gives the future language trainers the tools they need to teach languages. EUROLTA is practice and theory at the same time,’ said Patrizia Stöhr, VHS Hanau EUROLTA Coordinator.

Myriam Fischer Callus, ICC EUROLTA Project Manager, explained: ‘The ICC has made it its business to promote and improve the quality of teaching of foreign languages. This is why EUROLTA was created in the first place. The ICC is particularly happy to accredit VHS Hanau and hopes that EUROLTA will grow beyond its borders’.

For more information please contact Ifigenia Georgiadou at

In the meantime, we are receiving applications for membership which we are processing online, notably from Egypt, Cyprus and Trinidad. All applications have to be agreed by the ICC board and audited by quality control advisers. But we look forward to welcoming the directors of the new organisations to our conference in October.

Ellinor presented the ICC’s network and Language for Work projects. The conference allowed delegates to reflect on the important contribution made by the Centre in the field of language education and showcased the results of the current pro- gramme and launch the next programme for 2020-2023. Key themes are inspiring innovation in language education, managing changing contexts and evolving competences.

The ECML presented its draft anniversary declaration, Quality Language Education for a Democratic and Socially Cohesive Europe: Nine ECML Cornerstones. The aim of the declaration is to raise awareness of the political importance of language education and the need for a sustained support for its professionalisation across Europe.

The PALINGUI project aims to evaluate the process of daily language learning and ensure it is recognised and valued. It also wants to support children’s understanding of their own language learning and describe their next steps.

The framework aimed to provide a description of competences to be acquired to be an effective LSP teacher but also a basis for materials development and training. The final situational report and the LSP Teacher Competence Framework can be accessed at

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