Translation as a subject of theoretical text analysis


The paper reviews research in translation as a special subject in linguistics and philology. The first part of the paper deals with the well-elaborated principles of the linguistic and literary criticism approach to translation, which has been applied to a wide range of studies worldwide. The authors offer a thorough investigation comparing different ways of rendering original texts into another language. In the second part of the paper, the concept of philological translation is explained to highlight the associated stages, methods, approaches, principles and categories. The concept of a philological approach to translation (the synthetic method) is contrasted with an analytical approach which violates the requirement of the unity of form and content of the translated text. The conclusion summarises arguments supporting the application of the philological approach to translation.

KEYWORDS: translation theory, translation studies, philological translation, translation equivalent, linguistic theory of translation, functional similarity, corpus-based translation study

ELENA B. BORISOVA. DSc in Linguistics, Professor in the Dpt of English Philology and Intercultural Communication, Foreign Languages Faculty, Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education (Russia). Academic secretary with the Doctoral Dissertation Committee. Research interests cover translation studies and teaching methodology, ESP, medical terms in literary texts, language and culture studies.

ANNA V. BLOKHINA. CSc in Linguistics, Associate Professor, Samara State Technical University (Russia). Research interests cover translation studies and teaching methodology, ESP, pedagogical issues in developing student and staff mobility, and gender studies. Author of a study guide on Translation and a monograph on English semiotics and stylistics.

VALENTINA V. KUCHERYAVENKO. Associate Professor, Dpt of Linguistics and Translation Studies, Faculty of Linguistics, Griboedov Institute of International Law and Economics (Russia). Practicing translator and interpreter. Author of a number of articles, books and textbooks on Translation Studies, Translation Teaching Methodology and Interpreter’s Image in the Media. Member of the Association of Translator and Interpreter Trainers. Recurrent participant and member of the Organising Committee for Translation Forum Russia.

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