Review Breaking news: The remaking of journalism and why it matters now (a review)

original work by ALAN RUSBRIDGER reviewed by BARRY TOMALIN and HUMAIRA PATEL

Is it Trump and ‘fake news’? Is it the huge changes in journalism and how we receive and process news from around the world? Is it the way that journalism uses language that needs to be studied and understood as part of specialist language programmes? Maybe all of these, but a rash of books on journalism and journalistic language has appeared over the last year or so, some of which have been reviewed in these pages. All have been by eminent journalists, but Alan Rusbridger is especially so.

As editor in chief of the British national newspaper, the Guardian, for twenty years from 1995-2015 he was in some respects the guardian of the nation’s morals, campaigning for rights and ‘speaking truth to power’. If one of the jobs of the press is to publish what power wants to keep hidden the Guardian was one of the trailblazers.

BARRY TOMALIN. Joint Managing Editor of Training, Language and Culture and a board member of ICC. Regular reviewer for TLC and a specialist in international communication, cultures, soft power and media. Founder and facilitator of the ICC-recognised Business Cultural Trainers Certificate. Teaches at the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University and International House London. Author and co-author of a number of books on international business culture, including World Business Cultures – A Handbook and Cross-Cultural Communication: Theory and Practice.

HUMAIRA PATEL. Journalist and editor at, an international news website. Has worked at the British think tank, Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and CAABU, The Council for Arab-British Understanding.

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