Review Trainingsbuch Business English: Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit in internationalen Teams (a review)

Don’t worry about the ‘buch’, German for book, in the title or the fact that the information on the front and back cover of the book is in German. The interior of the book is entirely in English and is full of excellent ideas and activities for teachers of business English and intercultural understanding. Trainingsbuch Business English is written by two of the leading business English teachers and intercultural trainers. Bob Dignen is CEO of York Associates and ILP (International Leadership Performance) and the author of several books on intercultural training. Ian McMaster is a business English teacher and intercultural trainer and was Editor of Business Spotlight, a magazine on Business English, published in Germany. The book is aimed at non-native speakers using business English in an international environment but is also very useful as a guide for teachers of English in business and also trainers in a corporate environment. The book assumes a reasonable knowledge of English including grammar and professional vocabulary but goes on to offer tips and phrases which gives confidence to users and improves communication. The result is better relations with business partners, building trust and getting better results in business dealings. Included in the book are ways of getting your message across in meetings, how to manage meetings, influence discussions and the decisions that are taken, managing conflict and giving and receiving feedback both face-to-face and online.


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Volume 7 Issue 4